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Dubai Serena Community

Nestled in Dubai's heart, Serena is a community that seamlessly blends tranquillity with business vibrancy, creating a unique environment for businesses to prosper. This serene haven isn't solely a residential space; it's a place where businesses thrive alongside a relaxed lifestyle. From Commercial Property For Sale to Commercial Property For Rent and options to Buy Property or Sell Property in Serena, the real estate spectrum caters to various needs.

enlightenedBuyers looking into renting office space in Dubai may consider Serena.

Serena offers more than just a tranquil living experience; it's a canvas for businesses to excel. The choices extend to Flats for sale and Flats for Rent in Serena and also include Commercial Buildings For Rent and Commercial Buildings For Sale, providing suitable spaces for various ventures. For entrepreneurs seeking workspace, there are Commercial office spaces for sale and Commercial office spaces for rent, Studio Flats for sale, and Studio Flats for rent. Furthermore, Offices for Sale and Rent in Serena provide dynamic growth settings for businesses. With its tranquil surroundings, balanced ambiance, modern design, and investment potential, Serena offers an optimal platform for thriving businesses. Discover a world where business and leisure coexist harmoniously within this exceptional community.


Serena has everything that anyone can desire
Swimming pool

Swimming pool

Kid's Play Area

Kid's Play Area

F&B outlets

F&B outlets

Pet Park

Pet Park

Gated Community

Gated Community

Beach Access

Beach Access



Health Center

Health Center

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Serena, one of Dubai's most prominent commercial communities, offers a range of features that make it a highly desirable location for businesses:

  1. 1. Stractegic Location:
  2. 2. Iconic Skyline:
  3. 3. Premium Office Space:
  4. 5. Waterfront Lifestyle:
  5. 6. Networking Opportunities:
  6. 7. Mixed-Use Community:
  7. 8. Future Development:
  8. 9. 24/7 Security:

A Short Overview On Serena

Serena, an expanding community in Dubai, features both residential and commercial properties to offer residents and businesses alike a balance of comfort and convenience in a family-oriented atmosphere.

Key Property Offerings

Commercial Real Estate for Sale and Rent:

Serena offers various commercial properties available for purchase or rent to help businesses establish themselves in this thriving neighborhood.

Serena Properties for Purchase or Rent:

Serena provides an assortment of residential and commercial options designed to meet any need, with something sure to meet them!

Commercial Buildings for Rent or Purchase in Serena:

Investors and businesses looking for flexible workspace solutions in Serena can explore commercial buildings available both to buy or rent in this community. Serena offers flats for sale and rent with modern living spaces complete with essential amenities.

Commercial Office Spaces for Sale and Rent:

Serena offers commercial office spaces for sale or rent, providing businesses with efficient and professional working environments.

Studio Flats for Sale or Rent: 

Our community provides studio flats to individuals in search of compact yet functional living spaces.

Lifestyle and Amenities 

Family-Focused Community:

Serena was created as a family-oriented community with parks, playgrounds and recreational facilities suitable for residents of all ages.

Proximity to Essential Facilities:

Residents enjoy easy access to shopping centers, schools, healthcare facilities and more for a hassle-free lifestyle.

Investment and Convenience

Investment Opportunities in Serena: 

Serena's mix of residential and commercial properties combined with its growing status present the opportunity for long-term gains and rental income streams.

Convenient Location:

Serena's convenient location provides quick and easy access to major roadways and essential facilities, delivering maximum convenience for both residents and businesses alike.

Serena offers an attractive mix of residential and commercial properties that make it suitable for families as well as businesses alike. From comfortable flats and studio apartments, to professional office space rentals - Serena gives its residents a rare opportunity to live and work within an inclusive and welcoming community.


Serena's family-oriented environment, modern amenities, and diverse property options contribute to its popularity.

Yes, Serena offers a range of commercial properties for businesses looking to establish a presence in the community.

Whether you're buying, selling, or renting, Serena provides a variety of residential and commercial options to suit your needs.

Serena offers flats, studio flats, and more, providing residents with a range of modern living options.

Certainly, Serena features commercial office spaces for both sale and rent, catering to businesses seeking professional work environments.

Yes, Serena's family-focused design includes parks, playgrounds, and facilities that cater to the needs of families and children.

Serena residents have access to a variety of amenities, including shopping centers, schools, and healthcare facilities.

Serena's mix of residential and commercial properties, combined with its developing status, makes it an attractive choice for investors.

Yes, Serena's strategic location provides easy access to major highways and essential facilities, enhancing its connectivity.

Serena offers a well-balanced lifestyle with a variety of property options, making it suitable for both families and businesses seeking convenience and modern amenities.
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